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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe!

By becoming a Pascoe Power Campaign Ambassador you are directly contributing to helping us make this a free and fair election that puts its people first.

The Pascoe Ambassador program provides work experience and opportunity to learn on the go in a real life high-energy event experience – The 2022 National Elections.

By joining the team you will assist Sylvia Pascoe disseminate vital voter registration information to the people in your neighbourhood, you will be advised on key campaign events by her team and work closely with them to assist during this events in your immediate surroundings.

“I believe in teamwork, I believe in building the communities we want to be part of and I believe its our responsibility as individuals to reach out to our neighbours to make that happen.” – Sylvia Pascoe.

The ambassador program is a voluntary program and all those taking part will receive a certificate of participation and work references for their services and the network will remain open for future engagement and possible job opportunities.

Thank you for taking up the challenge and calling to be part of real change in Our City.

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