We need your support!

Donations Welcome

“I believe in investing in your future. Even the smallest amount can have great impact.” – Sylvia Pascoe

Our team is working on people power! For this we are happy to accept support in many ways, perhaps you can give in kind by feeding a volunteer team in your neighbourhood or providing printing, or uniforms. Every single item of support counts and we will accept with gratitude.

As our teams will be volunteering to assist in this campaign, we want to ensure we can provide food and drinks during this time to each team for the 58 days of campaigning. This is primarily where any cash donations will go. Anything above and beyond will be put to use at campaign events.


Donating funds

Bank details

For those of you that have asked to donate cash, you can make the donation to:

Sylvia Pascoe
Account number: 6001473515
Westpac Bank
Port Moresby Branch
BSB 038-004


Please make your description your name so we can track and issue an official receipt; we encourage you to also keep a copy of your transfer or direct deposit as well i.e. a screenshot on your phone.